Our Solutions

The team at MTS prides itself on getting to know the client and its business. MTS uses the information it secures from the client to develop ideas of interest to the client in any of a number of tax areas, including federal, state income, sales and use tax, property tax, utility tax, and other. MTS also uses information it secures from the client to develop ideas for securing cash grants to support the various needs of the business. Sometimes clients are in a position where taxes are already low, but grants are still very important.


MTS always wants to know what particular areas are presenting problems to the client or business. We use our team’s superior skills to develop solutions for specific problems. We engage the support of various governmental bodies to help clients through difficult issues. We work closely with the IRS and other governmental bodies to arrive at the best answers for our clients. Our goal is to make sure that the best solutions are provided, and that those solutions have minimal risks associated with them. We make sure that all areas have been thoroughly researched and vetted prior to implementation.